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This post contains ads | Today I would like to introduce you to the newly published cookbook by a blogger colleague – Michaela Titz. For years she has successfully run the food blog Littlebee – a food and family lifestyle blog . Michaela’s blog stands for seasonality, regionality and zero food waste. In numerous recipes you will find sustainable ideas suitable for the seasons as well as great tips for using leftovers. Her credo: Everything is recyclable and nothing should be thrown away.


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The rich harvest is preserved and stored


The cookbook spring, summer, autumn & kitchen

In the spirit of seasonality, you will find lots of inspiration for the individual seasons in Michaela’s cookbook. What is currently growing is put on the table.

The recipes are all family-friendly and very varied. Here you will find dishes such as paprika-melanzani-Sugo, kohlrabi schnitzel with lamb’s lettuce, sauerkraut tarte flambée, carrot soup with red lentils as well as tempting desserts. Who can resist a plum crumble or a curd and semolina casserole?

The cookbook is not only divided into chapters for the four seasons, but there is also a separate chapter with basics. Anyone who wants to create a pantry will be provided with suitable recipes here. Whether jam, vinegar, pickled vegetables, fermented cabbage, pesto or tomato sauce. Everything that grows in the garden not only brings joy in the respective season, but can also be preserved for later. On the one hand, this means that everything is recycled and, on the other hand, it delivers finished products when things have to be done quickly and you just want to grab the shelves.


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Fast pesto and use of leftovers


Have you ever used kohlrabi leaves or carrot greens to make a pesto? No? Then take a look at the book and stock up. Not only healthy, but also in line with the zero-food-waste idea.


My conclusion

Here you will find great ideas for a simple and varied family kitchen. The many recipes offer numerous suggestions for cooking seasonally – and suitable for everyday use and families. If you also like to preserve food and want to upgrade your pantry, you will be happy with the „Basics“ chapter. Numerous tips for preserving food that would otherwise be thrown away round off the book and make it a useful guide.


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The author Michaela Titz


The author

Michaela Titz lives with her husband and their three children on the outskirts of Vienna. Through years of cultivating her own garden, numerous ideas for using and preserving fruit and vegetables have emerged. These have been lovingly collected on her blog for years and made available to her readership. Michaela is also a dedicated ambassador for Zero Waste Austria and also gives lectures and holds workshops on this topic. Her first cookbook, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Kitchen, was published by Dachbuch Verlag .



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