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This post contains ads | Yes, you read that right. Today there is no recipe in the traditional sense, but quite a lot. I would like to introduce you to a great cookbook „The Green Garden – The Cookbook“ that supports the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Here you will find 70 vegan or vegetarian recipes that are absolutely suitable for everyday use. If you are looking for new suggestions for vegan/vegetarian cuisine, you will not only find what you are looking for here, but will also be happy.



an open cookbook lies on the table
Just looking at this raw food lasagne makes your mouth water.


The Green Garden – The Cookbook

The cookbook caught my eye right away because of its beautiful presentation. As a self-confessed cookbook junkie, something like this immediately strikes me. But that’s just a side note, because it’s supposed to be about the content here.. I’m not a vegetarian myself and like meat, but only rarely. I much prefer the diverse vegetarian dishes with lots of vegetables and am always trying out new creations myself.

Healthy dishes with vegetables can be found here in abundance. A good day starts with a healthy breakfast. From Basic Otameal, Pumpkin Pancakes, Green Smothie Bowl to the Mermaid Spirulina Bowl you will find many very varied suggestions for breakfast & snacks to go .


Coconut and carrot soup in a bowl
I tried the vegan coconut carrot soup straight away – DELICIOUS!


The other chapters are divided into appetizers & little things . Here you’ll find treats like the gorgeous coconut and carrot soup I tried, sweet potato sushi with beetroot dip, and vegan scallops with fennel salad, to name a few.


open cookbook lies on the table
This beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese is ready in just 10 minutes


The main courses tempt with dishes such as baked aubergines with tahini, a vegan fish burger, raw vegetable lasagne or a colorful cauliflower pizza.

Pastries & Desserts include delicacies such as New York Cheescake, Cinnamon Apple Rolls and chia pudding with mango puree.


My conclusion

Although I haven’t really gotten into a vegan lifestyle so far, I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised by the cookbook and that I find almost all the recipes wonderful. The recipes are creative and offer numerous new ideas, but are very easy to implement, which is incredibly important to me in everyday life. With 2 young children, I don’t have much time for elaborate meals during the week. You have to go fast, but meet my requirements for a healthy lifestyle. I also love variety and am always on the lookout for new creations. These can be found in abundance in The Green Garden – The Cookbook.

The clever plant-based recipes are also accompanied by beautiful food photos, which I also think is very important when deciding to buy a cookbook. If a dish isn’t presented in an appealing way to the eye, it probably won’t be cooked. You will always find food styling tips in the cookbook, which also give the dishes the finishing touch visually.

Most of all, I am surprised and equally enthusiastic about the fact that the ingredients are very down-to-earth even for a „non-vegan“ and I did not find any special substitute ingredients, as I was used to from vegan recipes. So you can start cooking fresh and lively without having to clear out the nearest health food store first at great expense.

A vegetarian cookbook that I warmly recommend to all vegetarians/vegans.


The authors

Julia Platzer is the founder and owner of The Green Garden restaurant in downtown Salzburg. She has been running the vegan-vegetarian restaurant with a lot of passion for years, where she always serves her guests creative but uncomplicated dishes. Her regular audience is enthusiastic and has been coming to her table again and again for years.

Stefanie Anich, who is also trained as a nutrition trainer, has been running the food and lifestyle blog Stefaniegoldmarie since 2014 . In addition, food photography is her passion and she is also responsible for the beautiful photos in the cookbook and in the restaurant The Green Garden.

The cookbook published by DK Verlag brings together the collection of the two friends‘ favorite recipes.








Eine weiße Schüssel mit Gnocchi in Tomatensauce wird von zwei Händen gehalten.
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